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Everyone is welcome to join us any day. Just show up at 6:35 pm for our evening class. Beginner and intermediate level dances will be taught and we also review our older dances. It is an exercise class for all age groups. Our dances contain elements from Chinese classical dance, folk dance, ballroom, ballet, yoga and modern dance. You will have a joyful evening self-entertaining yourself with our beautiful dance and music. No dance partner is needed. Bring a few good friends to share the fun. It is totally free and we are all volunteers. Class may sometimes be cancelled for any reason. Please check our home page prior coming to our classes.

Philip started the San Francisco Chinese Line Dance (SFCLD) in September 2011. With help from Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, we were so please to be able to hold evening class in the gymnasium of A P Giannini Middle School on Tuesday for free. Thanks to the great support from our participants, Wednesday class was added the very next semester. We thank SNBC for providing us a facility roomy enough for 100 attendants.

9/2011: We started to hold Tuesday evening class at A P Giannini Middle School and called ourselves San Francisco Chinese Line Dance (SFCLD).
6/2013: SFCLD was officially named and it was formed by Mei, Diana, Doris, Nora, Betty, Cally and Philip.
7/2013: 鳳凰飛 partnered with St. Anne to provide a Sunday afternoon beginner class.
3/2015: 鳳凰飛 was featured in the official Lonesome Street music video (3,000,000+ views world wide) for a very famous British band Blur.
1/2017: 鳳凰飛 was named San Francisco Phoenix Dance Group ( to avoid conflict with other group's translated name.
9/2017: 鳳凰飛 started to have Tuesday and Thursday classes instead of Tuesday and Wednesday.